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About Me 

Hi, I'm John Lenart.  I write articles that help consumers make better choices about wine, whether it's in a restaurant, in a wine shop, direct from the vineyard, or at auction.  


I've been passionate about wine for almost 3 decades. It all started when a friend got a job for a wine distributor and started taking me to tastings and wine events. I quickly became fascinated with not only the amazing wines, but with the people who made them, and the stories of the places the wines were made.


But what really drives my passion for wine is how it can bring people together. Whether it's dining out in California's wine country or sitting down to dinner on a Tuesday evening, sharing a meal and a bottle of wine brings people together like few other things can. 


Passion for wine is about a connection with people, places, times and events, and I hope my writing can help you enhance those connections.

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