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Welcome to Wine of the Week.

Here, each week, I'll let you know about a wine which I tasted that I think you should know about. The wine could be something I purchased, had at a tasting, or was even provided to me as a sample. I'll let you know where or how I tasted it, a bit about the wine itself, give you my tasting notes, and of course let you know the retail price.

The wines I write about here will mostly be wines you can purchase, although some may take a good amount of effort to find. Occasionally I'll write about a wine that you may not be able to find because it may be an older vintage, sold out from the winery, or simply it just may not be available. Why write about inaccessible wines? Well often these wines can give you a deeper look at a producer, region, or vintage. And hey, it's my site! 

Also, you won't find scores or points here. While some critics can use them, I feel that they do little to tell you whether or not you'll like the wine. I write about wines I enjoy. How much do I enjoy them? Well, You will be able to tell from my words.

One thing you can be sure about is that this will not be a shill site. If I post about a wine I received as a sample I will let you know.  Some weeks I'll give you a deep dive into the wine, others I will give you some tasting notes and a price.

So here we go.

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