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Wine of the Week 3/9/2018

The Story

This week's Wine of the Week has a fantastic story, aside from being a delicious wine. 

Founded in Italy's Fruili region in 1869 by the French Count de La Tour,who brought with him vines from some of the finest grapes  from across France.  He planted a vineyard. While focusing on wine, his wife focused on philanthropy, caring for the area's homeless and orphaned young.  She eventually built an orphanage right next to the winery.

Upon the Count's death, he left the entire estate to his wife. When she died, she left the entire foundation, both winery and orphanage to the local government and people.  

Today the foundation continues to be operated by the government. The winery, which produces some outstanding wines, still operates just meters from the orphanage.

The Wine

2015 Villa Russiz Les Enfants

The 2015 Les Enfants is a blend of Pinot Bianco, Pinot Grigio, Ribolla Gialla and Sauvignon Blanc, grown in sandstone and marl soil on 20 year old vines

Tasting Notes

An aroma of intense minerality, quite crisp. On the palate complex flavors of stone fruit, golden delicious apple and a hint of lemon pith. Medium bodied with nice acidity to complement food. I'd love this with seafood or veggies.

Suggested Retail Price:  $20
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