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Wine of the Week 3/2/2018

The Story

My first wine of the week comes from Napa Valley. I was lucky enough to be selected as a fellow to the 2018 Symposium for Professional Wine Writers hosted by the Napa Valley Vintners Association. Throughout the symposium wines from Napa Valley Vintners members are poured. While I could go on about a number of spectacular, blockbuster cabernets this  week's wine of the week resonated with me. 

The Wine
2014 Benessere Aglianico

                                                             Aglianico is a dark skinned grape common to the southern Italian region of                                                                                       Campania. The variety produces wines showing firm tannins and high acidity.                                                                                   While there are a lot of Italian varieties grown in Napa, this is the only Aglianico                                                                             available. 

                                                             Grown in the Collins Holystone Vineyard in St. Helena, Benessere buys the entire                                                                             production to make this intriguing wine.

                                                   Tasting Notes

                                                               Loads of dark, expressive fruit with a good bit of earthiness                                                                                                                     finishing off with a hint of floral notes.  Aglianico from Italy can often be a little                                                                               austere. Fruit from Napa balance that out Bright acidity and firm tannins are                                                                                   balanced by ripe Napa fruit. Tons of finesse. A great food wine. With only 136                                                                                 cases made, you'll likely need to order this direct from the winery 

Suggested  retail price:  $56
Final Thoughts:

At $56 a bottle this isn't an inexpensive wine. But what I find interesting about it is, that had it not been for the way in which prohibition reshaped the wine industry in California, this wine might be a typical wine from Napa today. It's tasty and fun. 


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