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Wine of the Week 4/8/2018

The Story

What happens when the maker of one of Napa's most sought after cult cabernets packs it in and moves to Washington state? Well, you can find out when you pull the cork on a bottle of this week's Wine of the Week.

To experience the work of Todd Alexander, who left Bryant Family and took over wine making at Force Majeure in 2014, you'll need spend ninety or a hundred bucks. It's worth the money.

But, you can spend about half of that and get a bottle of Parabellum, Force Majeure's second label. While Force Majeure  is fairly accessible (available at Binny's in Chicago,) Parabellum might prove trickier to track down.  

Red Mountain is located in central Washington about a half an hour drive from Seattle. If you're not familiar with Red Mountain, it's a fairly new growing area. In fact, the first vines planted there didn't go in until 1975 and its first winery wasn't bonded until 1980. 

In my opinion Red Mountain is the single best growing region for syrah in the U.S.  


The Wine

2014 Parabellum Rhone Blend

Parabellum makes two wines, a Bordeaux blend and a Rhone blend. Both are delicious, but the Rhone blend really excites me.  It's a blend of syrah and mourvedre.

The vintage I drank was the 2014 and it's largely unavailable, but that shouldn't stop you from seeking out the soon to be released 2015, now called Parabellum Coulée. 

To learn more about Force Majeure wines check out my interview with Todd Alexander in this episode of The Honest Pour

Tasting Notes

A stunner! Deep ruby to purple in color. Aromas of black peppercorns, black raspberry, and roasted meat. This full bodied wine has a luxurious texture. Plush, dark fruit flavors combine with hints of cocoa and minerality that make you want more.

Suggested Retail Price $55

Final Note

As I said before, this is the 2014 which you likely won't find, but, if you like syrah, the 2015 will be worth the effort it takes to order from the winery. With just 200 cases made, don't sleep on this one, it won't last long.

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